A Void Dance

A Tibetan llama once said to me - on a flight from San Fran to Boston - in response to my question about spiritual guidance, "We have a saying, 'When you think you have found a teacher, don't ever jump like a dog finding lumps of meat'".

More helpful than it might look at first glance.

Experience is a pain - you never get it until just after you needed it. Sometimes the lesson is an easy pill, and you'll jump like Llama Punsol's proverbial dog. Sometimes, however, it'll be a bitter pill - the prospect of repeated pain seeming lesser than swallowing it. Do we accept the universe's lesson, and learn the new steps, or dance on by? The road more or less travelled? Guidance or a void dance?

I like to believe I swallow the bitter pill with relish - part of my self image. Truth is... I don't know for sure.

Here, I will attempt to record and track my lessons - professional and personal - and check if they are repeating on me.

Too many big lumps of meat might not be very edifying, after all.